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Welcome to Green Wave Automation

Green Wave provides cutting edge Building Automation solutions used to monitor and control key equipment
 more efficiently, reducing electricity usage, improving operational efficiency and business continuity.


Energy Savings!

An average 25 - 35% savings has been achieved by implementing BMS system control at Builders Warehouse stores.

Our BMS system allows for smarter management of your building:

  • HVAC Control – Chillers, air-handling units, Evaporative cooling towers, fresh air handling
  • Data Centre Monitoring – Gas suppression, power usage, UPS, generators, CO2 & temperature monitoring, sub billing
  • Lighting Control – Time schedules, lux level control, motion sensor technology
  • Power metering – Power quality, Billing & sub billing, energy consumption analysis
  • Equipment monitoring – UPS,
    Generators, pumps, extractors, Lifts, escalators etc.


Real Simple, Real Smart, Real performance