Peak Demand Management

Peak demand management or Load shedding strategies automate your buildings' use of electricity during peak periods, reducing peak kVA demand, resulting in significant electricity savings.

Benefits of Peak Demand:

  • Lower kVA demand
  • Lower electricity bills
  • More efficient / intelligent control of equipment
  • No inconvenience to staff
  • No Eskom penalties
  • Provide capacity to expand

How do we reduce peak kVA demand?

By using StruxureWare BMS, we provide visibility of all your buildings utilities on one user friendly platform, which allows us to analyse which equipment is drawing the most power during peak periods and can be controlled more efficiently during these peak periods

  • To reduce peak demand, we automatically shift load during high use periods by sending a signal to shut down non-essential equipment or shedding a percentage of load for a period i.e. turn off boilers or throttle air-cons back by 5 – 10% of current load when required.
  • Improving time schedules and start-ups more efficiently also assists with reducing peak loads.
  • Integration with power metering is essential to determine your actual usage for the time elapsed within a 30 min cycle
  • Caution is taken to work closely with engineers and building managers to determine which equipment can be shed

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