Power Metering


Power metering is the first critical step of any successful energy management project. It provides a platform to make informed decisions, set targets and analyse results.  Power quality reporting is becoming an increasingly important requirement due to fluctuations in power supply.


·         Accurate bill verification – drill down into detail

·         Usage profiling (peak demand)

·         Power quality analysis – power factor, harmonics, over & under voltage

·         Live data provides business intelligence and real time monitoring

·         Analyse and source power quality problems early on



·         Live graphs show actual usage per area                                                 

·         Web based allows for easy access

·         Hosted data allows for lower cost of entry

·         Scalable architecture allows for future expansion

·         Report kWh, kVA, kVAR, PF. KW

·         Select the best tariff suited to your business

Real Simple, Real Smart, Real performance