Retail Store –BMS Case Study

Green Wave installed a BMS system within a retail store to achieve energy savings and improve operational efficiency.

  • Install time schedules on all equipment – lighting, air-cons, extractor fans, pumps etc.
  • Install lux level sensors where Skylights were in use so lights can be turned off during sun lights hours if sufficient lux is available.

The arrows show the stores energy profile before and after BMS.

Red = the savings during the day achieved by Lux level control and between the purple arrows shows a consistent control after hours.

The actual payback of the solution in kWh saving is 18 months but the actual benefit is not only the saving in electricity but the improvement in decision making and reduced operating costs.

The client is able to plan future stores better with data gathered, including sizing of UPS and generators, wiring of lights etc.

The BMS allows the client to optimise the buildings performance of the lifecycle of the building and maintain its energy profile over time.

Real Simple, Real Smart, Real performance