Standard or customised reports are essential to monitor energy usage and ensure your building is run efficiently year to year. Executive Management can quickly analyse how efficient their building is, compare with historic data and make informed decisions.

Report types:

  • Energy cost reports are used to compare billing with Eskom, City Power & landlords or to make sure tenants or different cost centres are billed correctly, assigning energy costs accordingly
  • Tariff optimisation is used to determine which tariff is best suited to your consumption pattern
  • Energy consumption reports profiles your energy usage in kW, kWh or kVA. These can be displayed by day, week, month, year or month on month etc.
  • Site total report displays energy usage by division or by utility type i.e. HVAC, Lighting, per floor etc.
  • Site comparison report allows property owners to compare buildings by kWh/m2 to show their actual efficiency. This ranks your buildings using a standard measurement.
  • Power quality reports are important especially with Eskom’s
  • Solar production report – to see more on Solar click here
  • Other reports include, temperature, equipment alarms, generator, user reports etc.

Report Examples

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